Party of the Indigenous of the Republic (France)


  • “What will become of all this beauty?”, by Houria Bouteldja
    english, français, español
  • Charlie Hebdo: The Sacred of the “Wretched of the Earth” and its Desecration, by Houria Bouteldja
    english, français
  • Joint statement published in Le Monde on January 15th, 2015
    We must fight Islamophobia now more than ever

    français, português, english
  • Charlie Hebdo: the decolonial struggle, a priority now more than ever!, by PIR
    english, français, español
  • Press release: No to the “national union” backing imperialists! Yes to an anti-racist and anti-imperialist “political union”!
    français, english
  • Exhibit B and the Misadventures of White Anti-Racism, by Norman Ajari
    english, français
  • Why do we need an Indigenous Party in France ? by Selim Nadi
  • Behind Islamophobia, Fascism and Complicit Antifascism, by Houria Bouteldja
    français, english, español
  • Dieudonné through the prism of the white left, or conceptualizing a domestic internationalism, by Houria Bouteldja
    français, italiano, english
  • Gay universalism, homoracialism and « marriage for all », by Houria Bouteldja
    français, english, español
  • Islamophobia: when the Whites lose their Triple A rating, by Houria Bouteldja
    français, english, español
  • Decolonizing Europe, by Houria Bouteldja
    français, español, english, português
  • “We shall not be saved by white anti-racism” Houria Bouteldja and Sadri Khiari
    français, español, english
  • "The necessity for another civilization", por Houria Bouteldja
    français, español, english
  • Mohamed Merah and I, by Houria Bouteldja
    français, english, español
  • PIR’s view on the murder spree in Toulouse, by Parti des Indigènes de la République
    original en français, español, english, deutsch
  • Pierre, Djemila, Dominique… and Mohamed, by Houria Bouteldja
    english, español, deutsch, original en français, español, english
  • What is universal anti-racism good for?, by Houria Bouteldja and Sadri Khiari
    english, español, original en français
  • Beyond the BBF Border (Benbassa – Blanchard – Fassin(s)), by Houria Bouteldja
    english, original en français
  • White women and the priviledge of solidarity: Houria Bouteldja’s Speech at the 4th International Congress of Islamic Feminism
    english, original en français, español, português
  • Political principles of the Parti des Indigènes de la République
    original en français, español, english
  • Founding Statement - The Call of the Indigenous of the Republic -
    "We are the Indigenous of the republic!"
    original en français, español, english, italiano
  • The Decolonizing Struggle in France - Interview with Houria Bouteldja
    original en français, español, english
  • Decolonial Movements - Interview with Sadri Khiari
    An interview on racial domination from both the Left and the Right in France
    original en français, español, english, italiano
  • The Left and Support for the Palestinian Resistance, by Nadine Rosa-Rosso
    original en français, español (version abreviada), english, português
  • Ghana’s victory over the US is our victory!, by Bader Lejmi
    english, original en français
  • It’s not that the Swiss and the French sound like the far right: the far right sounds like them, by Atman Zerkaoui
  • original en français, english

    Global Antiracism

  • Challenging racism and the problem with white "allies": A conversation with David Leonard by Suey Park
    français, original in english
  • The suffering of Le Pen voter
    français, english
  • With Fanon, yesterday and today by Nelson Maldonado-Torres
    english, original en español, français, português
  • Interview with Angela Davis: “Racism in Colombia resembles the one in the United States"
    english, français, original en español, português
  • Arab world

  • Truths, facts and facts on the ground: Israel and lies, by Joseph Massad
    english, español
  • Nuclear Israel revisited byJoseph Massad
    english, français, español, português
  • The Tunisian Revolution did not come out of nowhere - interview with Sadri Khiari
    english, français
  • The economy in the Bush-Bin Laden decade by Said Mekki
    english, français
  • I Wish You Egypt, by Omar Barghouti
    english, français, español
  • Western Massacre in Libya, by Rosa L. Blanc
    español, english, français
  • Likeminded successors – the demonisation of Islamic opposition in the coming revolutions, by Arzu Merali
    english, português
  • Appeal to suspend the payment of the Tunisian public debt
    english, español, português, français
  • The Fall of Mubarak and the Bankruptcy of Western Empires, by Rosa L. Blanc
    español, english, français, italiano
  • Will the West ever learn? by Boaventura de Sousa Santos
    english, español, português, français
  • Revolutionary winds: an interview with Palestinian-American Profesor Hatem Bazian
    Audio document click below to listen

    Part 1: revolution in Tunsia and Egypt part 2: neoliberalism and "war on terror" Part 3: Palestine
    Part 4 : The fall of the tyrant, Israel and European public opinions
  • Letter from a Professor from Medicine Faculty, University of Mansura, Egypt
    english, português, español
  • In the Arab world, Islam means democracy and the West dictatorship, by Abdennur Prado
    english, original en español, português, français
  • Jan 28, Letter from Tahrir Square
    español, english
  • International Declaration of Support for the Tunisian Revolution
    Click on blue links below to sign it
    español, original en français, english, português, italiano
  • The Revolution for Dignity!, by Sadri Khiari
    english, español, português, français
  • The Strength of Disobedience, by Sadri Khiari
    english, español, original en français
  • To negotiate or not to negotiate: the debate inside the Egyptian revolution - Azmi Bishara on Al Jazeera
    english, português
  • Decolonial theory

  • Ethnocentrism and coloniality in Latin America feminisms: the complicity and consolidation of hegemonic feminists in transnational spaces, by Yuderkys Espinoza Miñoso
    english, español
  • Transmodernity, border thinking, and global coloniality
    Decolonizing political economy and postcolonial studies, by Ramón Grosfoguel

    português, español, english, français
  • Coloniality of Power, Eurocentrism, and Latin America, by Anibal Quijano
    english, original en español, português
  • On the Coloniality of Being, by Nelson Maldonado-Torres
    english, español
  • Indigenous Movements of the Americas

  • Towards a Decolonial History of Freedom in Bolivia, by Víctor Hugo Quintanilla Coro, Quechua, north of Potosí
    english, español, français, português
  • "Sumac Kawsay" - Buen Vivir - Good Living, by Cecilia Bizerra
    original em português, français, español, english
  • Critical Islamic Thought

  • The islamic liberation theology of Ali Shariati
    english, português, original en français, español
  • Modernity and the Smell of Gunpowder, by D. Abdel-Wahhab El Messiri
    español, english, português, français
  • Good muslim, bad muslim by Tariq Ramadan
    english, español, original en français
  • Anti-Imperialist Interventions